Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Almond tart

This tart is soooo delicious. Is it a tart though? tart, cake, it doesn’t matter, is perfect for almond lovers and someone with a sweet tooth. There are so many different recipes for almond tart in Portugal. My mum’s one requires A LOT of eggs, which makes my heart ache 😦 but not this one!! No eggs, no milk, just vegan deliciousness! Give it a try, is worth it and easy to make.

Time: 50 min approx.

Type: cake

Difficulty: 1.5 pans

Serves: a few yummy slices (depends on how big you want them 😊)

What you need

For the cake:

200g self-rising flour

1 tsp baking soda

50g brown sugar

100ml sunflower oil

80ml soya (or almond) milk

2 flax ‘eggs’ (mix 2 tbsp of milled flaxseeds with 5-6 tbsp water and let it set for a few minutes before adding to the cake mix)

1 tsp almond essence

For the topping:

100g flaked almonds

80g vegetable spread

70g brown sugar

½ tsp almond essence


large mixing bowl

mixing spoon

1 small pan

1 cake tin

baking paper


Mix all the dry ingredients;

Add all the wet ingredients and mix well, adding a little more milk/water if the cake mix appears too dry;

Transfer the cake mix into a pre-greased round cake tin, with baking paper at the bottom (so the cake comes out easily once baked);

Bake for about 20-25 minutes at 180֯C;

Meanwhile, heat all the ingredients for the topping in a small pan over low-medium heat until all the vegetable spread is melted and mixed well with all the other ingredients;

After the initial 20-25 min of baking, add the topping to the cake and bake for a further 10 minutes;

Let it cool completely before taking the cake out of the tin.


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