Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Seitanas no pão

Vegan version of the Portuguese street food “bifanas”. Not a lot to say, just that it is yummy, easy to make and ideal when you want to have that “takeaway” food feeling without being bothered to go and get some! If you tried the typical ones, I dare you to try these (preferably with homemade seitan).

Time: 2h marinating + 10 min cooking approx.

Type: it can be anything… a main, a snack, breakfast after a night out, delicious anytime!

Difficulty: 1 pan

Serves 3 or 4 sandwiches

What you need


A block of seitan (check my recipe for seitan, or shop bought if you’re not bothered)

2 garlic cloves, sliced

Paprika to taste

2 shredded bay leaves

About 100/150 ml white wine (enough to cover the seitan slices)

Salt to taste (I use pink himalayan salt)

Pepper to taste

A little olive oil to fry

4 bread rolls (or ciabatta)

Thin crisps (optional)


A medium bowl

A medium frying pan


Chopping board


Slice the seitan and spread the slices into a bowl;

Pour over evenly the sliced garlic and bay leaves;

Sprinkle with salt, paprika and pepper so all the slices are covered;

Pour wine over and let it marinate for at least 2h (the longer it marinates the better the seitan will absorb the flavours);

To cook, heat a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan, over low-medium heat and pour all the ingredients in the bowl, including the white wine; cook for about 10 minutes, flipping the seitan slices halfway;

Places the slices onto the bread rolls, with thin crisps too if you’d like. Best enjoyed whilst hot! You can also add vegan mayo, mustard, ketchup, all goes well with it!


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