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Seitaninhos com cogumelos (Seitan mini steaks with white mushroom sauce)

This title is far too long but is early in the morning and I can’t think of any other name, but it is what it says in the tin, seitan min steaks with mushroom white sauce 🙂 My mum used to cook this but without cream, but typically in Portugal this dish requires the white sauce. It is delicious and easy to make. Goes well with rice and some salad or greens, but whatever you fancy… potatoes, chips, pasta, your choice!

Time: 15min (+ seitan cooking time if you’re making it- please check my recipe in ‘other delicious bits’)

Type: main dish

Difficulty: 1 pan


What you need:


6 slices of seitan

1 tbsp vegetable spread

1 shredded bay leaf


garlic granules

white wine (about 3 tbsp)

salt and white pepper to taste

250ml soya cream

1 can sliced mushrooms


Large frying pan and wooden spoon


Melt a tablespoon of vegetable spread (like vitalite) in low heat and add seitan slices;

Sprinkle over the seitan a little paprika, garlic granules and bay leaf shreds- let it cook for a few minutes;

Turn over seitan slices and pour white wine over and add mushrooms- let it cook for another couple of minutes until wine evaporates (you can also add a little more garlic and paprika to the other side);

Add soya cream, mixing all carefully- cook for another few minutes until cream thickens a little bit and add salt and white pepper to taste;

Serve while hot!


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