Chocolate fudge (caramelos de chocolate)

I have a sweet tooth, I do. This fudge recipe is rich, sweet and it does hit the sweet spot! In Portugal there’s little sweets similar to fudge called ‘caramelos’. It’s so easy to make that’s difficult to believe but I’m telling you, go ahead, I dare you to try!

type: sweet treat

time: 40 minutes

difficulty: 1 pan

serves: a few squares

What you need:

100g creamed coconut block

4 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp cocoa pwder

1 tsp caramel essence


a small pan

mixing spoon & knife

a small baking tray and parchment sheet


Place coconut creamed block in a pan and heat over low heat until melted;

Add remaining ingredients and mix all well for 1 or 2 minutes;

Once all is well mixed and thickening up, remove from heat and transfer into a parchment paper lined small tray, and take it to the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Once hard, remove from freezer and cut into small chuncks.

I told you, is so easy!


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