Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Cream plant juice

‘Leite creme’ is a fancy Portuguese version of custard and is a very typical dessert served in many restaurants. I wish I could make people understand that no, milk is not a super food (unless you are talking about food for baby calves, in that case, definitely) that its calcium is really not the best source for us and that plant milk (or drink, if you prefer) provides a bunch of great nutrients, vitamins and minerals (yes, calcium included). Try this beautiful fancy plant custard with a hint of lemon, cinnamon and vanilla, it really is delicious!

Time: 10 minutes + 1h to set

Type: dessert

Difficulty: 1 pan

Serves: about 6 individual portions

What you need:

500ml plant milk (I suggest soya or oat for their consistency)

3 tbsp corn flour

1 cinnamon stick

3 tbsp agave or maple syrup (can also use brown sugar)

2 lemon peels

1 tsp vanilla extract

a sprinkle of turmeric (for colour)

topping (optional, but is a really nice touch): a few tbsp of brown sugar and ground cinnamon



mixing spoon

individual dessert containers

small pan for the caramel topping


Start by mixing the corn flour with a portion of the plant milk until all is dissolved with no lumps; add remaining plant milk, as well as agave syrup, vanilla essence, cinnamon stick, turmeric and lemon peels; mix well over low heat and let it slowly boil (mixing occasionally);

Once it thickens, remove from heat and remove lemon peels and cinnamon stick;

Pour into individual dessert containers and let it set in the fridge for about 1h;

For the caramel topping: heat a few tablespoons of brown sugar with a little water over low heat in a small pan (or frying pan), until it forms a slightly thick caramel liquid; Pour over the custard and sprinkle with cinnamon;

These will keep in the fridge for a few days.


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