About me

Qualifications and experience

I started my academic journey with a BSc (Hons) in Cardiac and Respiratory Physiology, which I completed in 2009 in Portugal. In 2012 I completed a Post Graduation in Cardiac Rehabilitation in Lisbon, Portugal. I worked for 3 years in cardiology in Portugal, before moving to England by the end of 2012. I then joined the National Institute for Health Research – Respiratory research group in Leicester and worked there for 5 years, where I completed my PhD in novel technologies for adult asthma diagnosis. I then worked as a research associate in Manchester where I attended a management course too, before taking a little break in my career (well, this career) to be a mum.

A change in my path….

I am very proud of my academic trajectory and research experience so far, however, my real passion is nutrition, more specifically, plant based nutrition. Thus, in between changing countless nappies, cleaning and tidying the house 5 times a day, numerous walks to get my little one to sleep (and sleepless nights too) and loads and loads of cooking, I managed to find a little spare time to undertake nutrition education. When you have drive and a passion for something, you always find time to do what you love. So, in the last year I have completed the following courses and diplomas:

Advanced level 5 certified nutrition diploma (certified by AfN- association for nutrition and CPD)

Vegan nutritionist Diploma by the Centre of Excellence (CPD, CMA, ABC and Certa awards certified)

Vegan cooking diploma by the Centre of Excellence (CPD, CMA, ABC and Certa awards certified)

Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification by Udemy Academy

Holistic Health Practitioner Course by the Centre of Excellence (CPD, CMA, ABC and Certa awards certified)

In addition, I am now a member of the Plant Based Health Professionals UK as an Allied Health Professional.

Am I a nutritionist? No, I am a qualified nutrition adviser (or coach, if you prefer) who specialised in plant-based nutrition, specifically. Am I a doctor? I am a PhD doctorate so you can call me Dr Soares if you’d like, but I’d prefer to be called just Marcia.

I believe in medicine, I am a science lady. I also believe in preventive measures when it comes to health, where food is the number one factor, along with lifestyle choices and mental health, for example. Thus, I believe that with food you can prevent and sometimes even reverse many debilitating conditions, such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, amongst others. But not any food – whole, plant based food, an optimal vegan diet. Would you like to know more, get some help with starting this new way of eating towards a much better health? I was in that position once too, I had fears, questions (so many) and I wish I had someone (like me now) to reach out to.

Get in touch today!

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