About me



WholeRoots.Nutrition is a branch from Plant Based Portuguese dedicated only to the nutrition side of plant based eating and living. You can learn more about my qualifications in the ‘qualifications and experience‘ section (link below), but I am a qualified Nutrition Adviser (coach) and Holistic Practitioner.

Whatever your background, health condition, age, gender, fitness level, where you live in the world etc, I can offer valuable help when transitioning to a plant based diet. Or maybe you have embraced a plant based diet already but you are unsure about whether you are doing it right.


Appointments (face to face or online)

Here are some of things I can offer help with:

  • finding your specific goals
  • guidance on how to make a smooth and easy switch
  • fighting a health condition with optimal nutrition, as a complement to conventional medicine
  • meal ideas, plans and shopping
  • tips on how to thrive on a plant based diet
  • losing those extra pounds (which in an optimal plant based diet will occur naturally)
  • cooking tips and guidance
  • general advice on plant based living

Does this appeal to you? All this help for a very affordable price and all tailored specifically for you.

Meal Plans

Perhaps you don’t want personalised guidance but you could really benefit from some meal ideas suitable for your likes and dislikes. Based on your cooking availability and experience, budget and nutritional needs, I can offer weekly meal plans with recipes, calorie and nutritional information.

Presentations /Talks

Would you like to organise a talk about plant based nutrition and living in your local town hall, school, work place or a conference? I have several years’ experience on public speaking in national and international meetings and conferences. I am available to speak in person (depending on location) or online.

If any of these services are of interest to you or/and you would like to know more, get in touch today! You can either email wholeroots.nutrition@gmail directly or fill the form below:

Please visit my Facebook page on:


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