Healthy bits

Creamy valfredo pasta

Most non-vegan recipes of alfredo sauce include butter (a lot of it) and cheese. What about a vegan version, full of nutrients and without oil? This recipe is easy to make and a safe bet as a quick dinner. In addition, my little toddler loves it and is a nice way to get him to… Continue reading Creamy valfredo pasta

Healthy bits, other delicious bits

Nutella flavour chocolate mousse

This dessert is delicious, super easy to make and free from refined sugars! You can adjust the amount of dates/ maple syrup according to your sweetness thermometer too. Time: 5 min preparation + hazelnut soak time (1-3h) and setting time in the fridge (a few hours) Difficulty: 1 pan Type: dessert Serves: about 5 What… Continue reading Nutella flavour chocolate mousse