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Cinnamon biscuits

Just some delicious cinnamon biscuits, tasty and easy to make! Time: 30 min Type: biscuits Difficulty: 1 pan Makes: about 12 biscuits What you need: 220g self-raising flour 3 tbsp maple syrup (or more to taste), plus a little for brushing 45g smooth almond butter 30g vegetable spread 1 flax 'egg' 1 tsp ground cinnamon… Continue reading Cinnamon biscuits

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Chickpeas and chocolate chips cookies

Chickpeas are so versatile. Who would have thought that you can make delicious sweet cookies with these beautiful pulses? A 100g has 19g of protein, over 30% of the recommended daily dose of iron and magnesium. The fibre content is fantastic too. Also, this cookie dough can be eaten raw if you prefer! Time: 25… Continue reading Chickpeas and chocolate chips cookies

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Artichoke and sun-dried tomato pasta

I'm always thinking about news ways to cook pasta, I just love it! Arguably, any vegetables go well with pasta, if cooked well. However, there is something about Mediterranean style veggies, they just marry pasta perfectly. Artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes are a perfect combination! Super easy to make, you won't regret! Time: 25 minutes Type:… Continue reading Artichoke and sun-dried tomato pasta

Healthy bits, other delicious bits

Nutella flavour chocolate mousse

This dessert is delicious, super easy to make and free from refined sugars! You can adjust the amount of dates/ maple syrup according to your sweetness thermometer too. Time: 5 min preparation + hazelnut soak time (1-3h) and setting time in the fridge (a few hours) Difficulty: 1 pan Type: dessert Serves: about 5 What… Continue reading Nutella flavour chocolate mousse