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Easy Brioche Croissants

Brioche croissants are so tasty and a lot less naughty than the puff pastry ones, with significantly less butter. With or without filling, it is a perfect afternoon snack, with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Initially I made these croissants with dried yeast, which required proving time. However, I tried with baking powder… Continue reading Easy Brioche Croissants

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Nutella flavour chocolate mousse

This dessert is delicious, super easy to make and free from refined sugars! You can adjust the amount of dates/ maple syrup according to your sweetness thermometer too. Time: 5 min preparation + hazelnut soak time (1-3h) and setting time in the fridge (a few hours) Difficulty: 1 pan Type: dessert Serves: about 5 What… Continue reading Nutella flavour chocolate mousse