Portuguese Mains


What can I tell you about 'rojões'? It is a very traditional dish from the north of Portugal and is made with marinated and fried pork, with potatoes and some kind of greens (usually cabbage). The secret is in marinating the meat substitute - I used seitan due to its consistency. The result is pretty… Continue reading Rojões

Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Bean stew

'Feijoada' is very typical in Portuguese speaking countries: Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Timor-Leste and Macau, with many different versions. As a rule of thumb, it has to include beans off course, some kind of meat and meat sausages and usually cabbage. So, not difficult to come up with a vegan version! The recipe below is… Continue reading Bean stew

Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Jacklhau and chickpea salad

This is a very Portuguese salad... the garlic, olives, nori and lemon really bring out the other ingredient's flavours too. It can be eaten hot or cold, so, a good option for cold and hot weather. The jackfruit replaces the codfish, but if you prefer you can use mushrooms or omit the jackfruit and add… Continue reading Jacklhau and chickpea salad

Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Bitoque (portuguese style ‘steak’)

If you've been to a traditional Portuguese restaurant you know that 'Bitoque' is most certainly on the menu. I think the seitan 'steak' is very nice but the gem of this dish is the 'egg'- it tastes so much like egg that is a little bit mind blowing. I really dare you to try and… Continue reading Bitoque (portuguese style ‘steak’)

Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Arroz à lavrador (farmer’s rice)

Farmer's rice is a filling, nutritionally dense dish, thus the name. Oh, did I mention tasty? The original 'arroz à lavrador' usually has pork meat and sausages in it. However, beans, tomato and cabbage are some of the veggie ingredients that come into the mix too. With some alterations, this vegan version is just as… Continue reading Arroz à lavrador (farmer’s rice)