Portuguese Sweets

‘Verlin Valls’

'Berliners' are found a little bit everywhere in the world, with their origin in Germany. In Portugal they are slightly bigger than German ones, and they're usually filled with an egg cream. If you've been to Portugal in the Summer, 'bolas de Berlim' are sold in pretty much every beach. It's strange how a relatively… Continue reading ‘Verlin Valls’

Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Queen’s Bun

'Bolo Rainha' and 'Bolo Rei' are typical Christmas sweets in Portugal. I was never a massive fan of either of them. 'Bolo rei' (king's bun) has a lot of crystallised (candied) fruit, which I don't fancy. 'Bolo Rainha' (Queen's bun) has raisins and sultanas (and dried cranberries sometimes) and I really dislike any of these.… Continue reading Queen’s Bun