Portuguese Sweets

Orange mini cheesecakes

Orange 'Queijadas' are very popular in Portugal. They are mini tartlets, typically made with milk and eggs. I had a go at veganising them, and the result is absolutely delicious! These tartlets are supposed to have a very moist sponge, just a little more consistent than a cheesecake. Super easy to make too, not too… Continue reading Orange mini cheesecakes

Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Queen’s Bun

'Bolo Rainha' and 'Bolo Rei' are typical Christmas sweets in Portugal. I was never a massive fan of either of them. 'Bolo rei' (king's bun) has a lot of crystallised (candied) fruit, which I don't fancy. 'Bolo Rainha' (Queen's bun) has raisins and sultanas (and dried cranberries sometimes) and I really dislike any of these.… Continue reading Queen’s Bun

Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Pumpkin fluffy treats (filhoses)

‘Filhoses’ are THE Christmas sweet treat for me. It is very popular all over Portugal, with different variations: some make it with carrots and pumpkin, others without pumpkin or with only pumpkin, well… they’re all lovely. The ones I always had since I remember myself as a person are the pumpkin ones. The traditional recipe… Continue reading Pumpkin fluffy treats (filhoses)