Portuguese Sides/ Snacks/ Soups, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes


'Pica Pau' (woodpecker in English) is a traditional snack in Portugal, with its origin in the central part of the country. Why the funny name for this dish? I don't know, couldn't find an explanation! The traditional is made with meat (usually beef) but fortunately we live in an era where we have soya chunks,… Continue reading Woodpecker

Portuguese Mains, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Jacklhau and chickpea salad

This is a very Portuguese salad... the garlic, olives, nori and lemon really bring out the other ingredient's flavours too. It can be eaten hot or cold, so, a good option for cold and hot weather. The jackfruit replaces the codfish, but if you prefer you can use mushrooms or omit the jackfruit and add… Continue reading Jacklhau and chickpea salad

Portuguese Sides/ Snacks/ Soups, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

No Chorizo bread

'Pão com chouriço' is very popular in Portugal all year around, but particularly during Summer village parties, 'fresh' from the oven. I've got to say, it is so tasty. Nowadays is so easy to find vegan chorizo or chorizo flavoured vegan sausages that is really simple to 'veganise' this delicious snack - try it! Time:… Continue reading No Chorizo bread

Portuguese Sweets, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Pumpkin fluffy treats (filhoses)

‘Filhoses’ are THE Christmas sweet treat for me. It is very popular all over Portugal, with different variations: some make it with carrots and pumpkin, others without pumpkin or with only pumpkin, well… they’re all lovely. The ones I always had since I remember myself as a person are the pumpkin ones. The traditional recipe… Continue reading Pumpkin fluffy treats (filhoses)

Portuguese Sides/ Snacks/ Soups, Veganised traditional Portuguese dishes

Shiitake ‘gizzard’

Gizzard, in Portuguese 'moelas'. Where to start? They are part of bird's digestive system, where food is processed, just before coming out on the other end, if I make myself clear. In Portugal is cooked with wine and tomato to make a snack, and is also used in other dishes. I adapted the famous 'moelas'… Continue reading Shiitake ‘gizzard’